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Give patriotic gifts and honor your heroes on the Independence day of United States

July 4 is a special day for all the citizens of America, as this day marks the independence day of nation. During this special day, people praise the heritage, law, history and society of the country in public gatherings.
Independence day celebration in USA is not complete without giving gifts to each other. This is the perfect time to give patriotic gifts to each other. People used to give gifts with the design of American flag. These unique gifts are easily available in the stores and are much appreciated by every age group. Receiving such gift from someone mean you are special to the one, who gave it. There are some people, who also create gift for their dear ones due to their skills or artistic work.

It would be great to enjoy your day with your family members and friends. Families and friends usually spend their time in park activities. If you have a family, then take your children to a nearby local park. You can even cook out on a grill and invite your close friends. Spend some q…

Fathers day - A day to say thanks for the contribution of your DAD in your life

Father's day is known as a day of celebration. On this special day, people used to admire, praise and thank the contribution of their father in their lives. Father is someone, who give you love, care and help in building your life for future.
For over a century, this day is celebrated in many countries. According to the survey, more than sixty countries all over the world pay respect to fathers on 18th June. This is a day, when people pay respect to the concept of fatherhood. Children buys cards and other gifts on this special occasion, just to make their father feel special.
For the last several years, the culture of celebration has changed. With the passage of time and with the latest technology, people are celebrating it with many techniques. Giving gift of father’s choice is one of the most adequate options to bring smile on your father’s face. Choose perfect gifts that will admire the personality of your father. Pay attention to their likes and buy something that is right opti…

Make your Eid day more memorable and fun-filled

The day of Eid spreads the happy fragrance all around. This day marks the end of Holy month Ramadan. It is a special special that embraces each other with vows of brotherhood. In addition to this, the charity in Eid is one of the key features of the celebration.
For the Muslims in Pakistan and around the world, Eid is not only about being happy, but also about making others happy. This is the right time to fulfill the wants of the needy. In Pakistan, thousands of people are giving clothes and money to the underprivileged families.

People love to add glamour in their personalities, with stylish Eid clothing. Men’s fashion is comparatively bland, but for the ladies and children, there are a number of choices in local and online stores. Ladies can choose from a variety of fabrics, colours and styles. Usually, ladies love to add glittering embellishments on their clothes as well as on other accessories. The women Eid clothing includes:
Special Kameez ShalwarChuridarLehenga CholiLong Choli Le…

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 – Rain Interrupted

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 edition is ongoing, but the national teams and fans of their respective countries have a good reason to be unhappy, i.e. rain. On a number of occasions, players and spectators wait for the play to resume, after it gets delayed due to rain.
Two matches have been washed out in six matches so far. Rain also delayed the game, during one of the most important encounters between Pakistan and India at Edgbaston, Birmingham. The weather is enjoyable, but with no result, it is of no use. The top teams are doing their best efforts to reach the semi-finals, but they can’t do anything without overcoming the rain. Goes back to ICC Champions Trophy 2002, India and Sri Lanka were joint winners due to rain in Colombo. Monsoon was the only reason of joint winners. Of course, it is hard for any strong team and their fans to give up a game due to rain.

Defending Champions India is playing exceptional, but they have to overcome the rain. Pakistan need to win their next matches…