ICC Champions Trophy 2017 – Rain Interrupted

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 edition is ongoing, but the national teams and fans of their respective countries have a good reason to be unhappy, i.e. rain. On a number of occasions, players and spectators wait for the play to resume, after it gets delayed due to rain.

Two matches have been washed out in six matches so far. Rain also delayed the game, during one of the most important encounters between Pakistan and India at Edgbaston, Birmingham. The weather is enjoyable, but with no result, it is of no use. The top teams are doing their best efforts to reach the semi-finals, but they can’t do anything without overcoming the rain. Goes back to ICC Champions Trophy 2002, India and Sri Lanka were joint winners due to rain in Colombo. Monsoon was the only reason of joint winners. Of course, it is hard for any strong team and their fans to give up a game due to rain.

Defending Champions India is playing exceptional, but they have to overcome the rain. Pakistan need to win their next matches against South Africa and Sri Lanka, if they want to reach the semi-finals. Rain rescued Australia against New Zealand, but they were extremely unlucky against Bangladesh just due to rain. They must have to beat England in their final group stage match for a place in the semi-finals. So far, Australia and New Zealand are the teams, having enough reasons to be unhappy.

The role of groundsmen is more important in this mega tournament, as they have to save the pitch and ground for the rest of the match. Undoubtedly, it is frustrating for a team for not getting a result after a strong performance. Most teams and fans don’t want to go off without a result.


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