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Independence Day of Pakistan – A Day to highlight the achievement of our great leaders

Independence Day of Pakistan is regarded as one of the special days of country. This is among the six holidays, celebrated in the entire country.
To prepare the celebrations on the Independence Day, the meetings are usually held in the capital, Islamabad. Almost all the government and private offices are closed on 14th August. Moreover, the organizations, markets, educational institutions, post offices and other prominent places remain closed. To finalize the preparations, state officials, diplomats and politicians attend the meetings with the beginning of August.
Special shops and stalls are also set with the national flags, posters, banners, pictures of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and other national heroes. Homes, offices, vehicles, streets, roads and commercial buildings are decorated with flags. Beside all these preparations, educational institutions and government departments organize seminars, cultural activities, sports events and other activities. They start with the sp…