A Virtual trip to Ottawa City

Have you ever thought to pay a visit to the places that are not very renowned and famous but that sites are worth visiting? These places are comparatively cheap and their government also encourages tourist with some really fascinating and attractive deals. One of the cities that we will talk about today in Ottawa, Canada, I know that you have not heard about it a lot but I am sure that after reading this article you will definitely plan to decide on a trip to this place.

In the east of Southern Ontario a city and a capital of Canada in Ottawa, It is near the city of Montreal and resides near the U.S. border. This place has a lot of history as well as beautiful traveling and recreational spots like Rideau Canal, Parliament Hill, ByWard Market, Canadian Museum of History, Canadian War Museum, Peace Tower, Canadian Museum of Nature and Confederation Park. What if I tell you that you can visit these places just in one day? Like if you have a one day stay in Ottawa and you are all set with your Ottawa foreign exchange, you can have a proper investment of time and money and can enjoy the entire famous site just in one day.

Canadian War Museum: One can start a day by visiting the museum that has all the features of Canadian War history. One can find the records of military history from the very first wars of Canada along with the very recent changes and wars that have happened in Canada.

Parliament Hill: It is said to the heart of Canada, a political history along with the strong cultural meaning is associated with this place in Ottawa. It is basically a parliament building with a Victorian-Gothic architecture sitting on a hill. This famous Canada Day celebrations are celebrated at this very spot.

Peace Tower: On the same road your 3rd destination resides, that is the Peace Tower. It’s a Clocktower that basically represents the Peace and Victory. This Gothic style tower was designed and made in the remembrance of the soldiers who gave their lives in the Great War.

National War Memorial: This is another landmark which has a bronze sculpture presented to Canada by King George VI in the memory of the soldiers who died in World War One.

Confederation Park: The Park is filled with beautiful monuments at the starting of Rideau Canal with the serene environment and a beautiful site to enjoy.

Rideau Canal: This place in summers is filled with a lot of surfers and boats and along with it there is a National Historic Site and a Rideau Hall. One can visit this place and take a snack break while enjoying the sites of the canal.

National Gallery of Canada: A very famous art gallery in Canada beholds one of the world’s finest art collections here. Here you can invest the money you got from Ottawa currency exchange to buy any pieces of arts if the exhibition is still going on. I promise you would never regret.


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