Samsung Mobile Prices

 Samsung is the largest smartphone vendor in the world. The international brand caters more than 25 countries around the seven continents. It produces and sells Tizen and Android OS based devices. Due to fine build quality, reasonable price and wide range availability, everyone loves Samsung mobile phones.

Samsung’s Aim and Journey

The Korean headquartered Samsung aimed to satisfy the consumers and facilitate them with the latest mobile technology without burdening the client pocket. The journey of Samsung had started with the first phone Galaxy (now a sub-brand), at that moment the Samsung mobile prices were very high and only elites can get advantages. With the passage of time, Samsung learned to maintain mobile features and pricing. Today, Samsung fulfills the needs of all sorts of consumers, thus Samsung mobile prices vary from low to mid to high, depending on the customer segment.

Samsung mobile prices stood where in the past? And how modern technology fluctuate mobile prices?

The first Samsung Galaxy smartphone had retailed at $300, and one can easily calculate how much that price was higher. Later on, many innovations in mobile technology (such as 4G connectivity, big displays, metal fabrication, and efficient processors, massive RAM, and long endurance batteries) cause to shake Samsung mobile prices. In this way, the latest technology armed smartphones cost higher, while some older mobile phones get price cuts and become available for low-end sector.
Where the modern tech causes to raise newer Samsung mobile prices, there alternatively it reduces previous Samsung phone prices. Nowadays, Samsung mobile prices range from under $100 to above $1000.

How the Samsung mobile prices vary region to region?

Samsung mobile prices are also region dependent. European countries apply too many taxes on their products, thus Samsung mobile prices in Europe are higher than those of Middle Eastern and Asian countries which apply low taxes on imports such as Samsung mobile prices in UAE, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

What is the good fact which causes stability in Samsung mobile prices?

Competition amid smartphone brands plays a key role in stability of Samsung mobile prices. Every dealer wishes to boost its mobile sales, and among a wide variety of phones it is difficult without offering discounts and best deals on its products for a brand.

At the time to start mobile phone manufacturing and supplying, there were limited companies i.e. Nokia, Motorola and Samsung etc. But when the Chinese mobile vendors entered in global market, a fear went through the Samsung and other souls to loss market - as the Chinese phones such as Huawei mobile prices and other Oppo mobile prices were very low comparatively. This forces Samsung to cut down extra margins and offer reasonable mobile prices.

What is the role of Galaxy Series in varying Samsung mobile prices?

Samsung launches different smartphones under specific Galaxy series, so that its customers find easier to purchase one according to their pocket. Therefore, it is better to know which Galaxy series is aimed at you. Though Samsung have many sub-brands and series, below we shared most popular and widely available smartphone chains.

Galaxy S and Note

Both the Galaxy S and Note series carry the exclusive Samsung smartphones. The difference between both is only a Stylus Pen for Note series flagship devices, while the Galaxy S high-end devices don’t accompany an S-Pen. The latest examples are Galaxy S10, Samsung S10 5G, and the Galaxy Note 9.

Galaxy A and C

There is a stratum in society (middle) which have passion to touch flagship level mobile phones, for them Samsung brings Galaxy A and C series smartphones, which are the combo of latest tech and affordability. The famous Galaxy A80, the world’s first Lifting and Rotating Camera phone is its good instance.

Galaxy J turned M series

Samsung introduced a new Galaxy M series as a replacement with Galaxy J smartphones for budget friendly customers. The low-end sector does not need to loss trust, quality and everyday needs. The Galaxy M line offers you compact phones in cheap prices such as Galaxy M30 and Galaxy M40.


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